About Us


It all started when…

I saw this cute guy from across a parking lot of a volunteer event and decided to stalk him for the remainder of the day. I had to make sure he had plenty of cookies, water, juice and pie. I was 14 and John was 16. Shortly thereafter we became best friend's, and even though we dated other people throughout the years, something always drew me to John. His compassion, loyalty and strength of character. Fast forward to fall of 2013 and "that cute boy over there" became my best friend forever.

 We love to travel and explore! and are constantly on the go. As a couple we made a commitment to each other to leave the country at least once a year to explore the world. Between the two of us the countries we have been to are: Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Australia, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Caribbean and of course several states here in the United States. Our next stop is still  in the works for 2019.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon has a special place in my heart. Like any native I've come to love the ever changing landscape, From the magnificent peaks of the cascades to the lakes and rivers I spent my childhood in, I cannot get enough of our beautiful home. I even have come to enjoy the rain. The outdoors has my heart, and when I am able to incorporate that into my work there is nothing more blissful for me.